Our main activity consists in offering long-term parking services, in our location situated in the proximity of the “Henri Coanda” International Airport – Otopeni, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our parking place is situated on DN1 road, on the left side from Bucharest to Ploiesti, in the opposite side to the “Henri Coanda” International Airport – Otopeni, in the roundabout under the bridge, next to MiniPrix shop and Tiriac Auto. Click here to see the map.


Booking can be made by phone, at numbers 0786 015 300 and 0786 015 301, or on internet, on our website –  


For bookings and further information you can contact us at any time from day or night. Our dispatchers will be happy to answer you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The transfer to/ from the Otopeni airport is free of charge, with one of our shuttles. On demand, for our customers, we are able to provide transfer to the Baneasa Airport as well, at extra charge.

The transfer to the airport takes place immediately after parking your car, and the transfer from the airport immediately after your arrival.


Our parking has non-stop guarding and video surveillance, and your car will will be stored in our private parking storage areas, with no public access. With AirParking you do not have to worry about the safety of your car!


The rates vary according on the number of the parking days. Current rates are displayed on the website, in Tariffs page and at our cash-point from the parking place. The minimum chargeable time-unit is 24 hours and the total rate is calculated based on the total number of units of parking time. Any started time-unit (time-unit fraction) is considered a chargeable time-unit. The taxable rate per unit time varies depending on the parking period (decreases with the increase of the number of the parking days).
You can pay for the parking services:

  • on-line – directly on our website,
  • at our parking cash-point,  cash or credit card.

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

You will get an extra 15 minutes free of charge to transfer your personal luggage in the car and departure.

Access to the parking PLACE. TERMS & Conditions.

After you’ve made your booking, by phone or on internet, you only have to arrive to our location 15 minutes before the time you want to be at the departure terminal of the airport for check-in and boarding.

When you enter the parking, press the “ticket button” from the barrier control to receive the parking ticket. If your parking ticket is not automatically released, please announce the dispatcher on the phone number: 0786 015 300 or 0786 015 301. Keep the ticket until your arrival from the journey (visible on the board of the car). You can pay for the parking services and leave the parking place only after you will return us the parking ticket. Failure to present the ticket when you exit the parking, deterioration or loss thereof, will be charged with a fine of 500 EUR.

After parking your car, you and your luggage will be transferred to the departure terminal of the airport with one of our shuttle cars in the shortest while.

On your arrival back to Otopeni Airport, simply call us at 0786 015 300 / 0786 015 301 and our fast shuttle will wait for you in front of the Arrival Terminal to transfer you straight back to your car, in the parking place. For complete information please visit our Services page.


In case you want to became reselling agency of our parking services, please phone us at 0786 015 304 or email us at